Plug In

Looking for how to get plugged in but not sure where to start? You’re in the right place!

Scripture tells us that we are all parts of the same body. We are uniquely gifted by God to be a functioning part of the body of believers.  YOU have unique gifts that God entrusted to YOU to help advance His kingdom! Pretty cool, right? Now, you might be wondering how you find out what those gifts are. I’m glad you asked! If you’d like to take a spiritual gifts inventory follow this link to a Lifeway article where you can take and inventory and read about different gifts.

Now that you know you are a vital part of the body and what your gifts are, let’s see where you can plug in. Take a look at this  booklet Gifts of Serving to see a description of the different areas of ministry at HVC. In addition to descriptions, you’ll find a contact person for that ministry. The last couple of pages are especially helpful. There you will find photos of our paid and volunteer staff as well as our church leadership team. Any one of these friendly faces will be happy to talk with you about how you can get plugged in.