Meet the Staff


Steve Austin – Interim Pastor 

On Staff Since: August 2016
Favorite Food: Craig’s Pizza
Favorite Movie: Date Night
Hobbies/Interests: Hanging with the family, racing cars, tinkering with muscle cars, water sports
Meaningful Verse: 2 Corinthians 5:17
Random Thought: WHEW!!!, Sha-pow! Woopeeeeee!, Woooo-hooooo!, yes sirrrrrrr!, Yeouuuuuup, UMMMMMMMM!

Paul Reter – Worship Leader & College Minister

Paul oversees the band and music for our worship services as well as IMPACT youth and special events. He also provides leadership through his 15 years of worship and youth ministry experience.

On Staff Since: 2009
Favorite Food: cow
Favorite Movie: The Game
Hobbies/Interests: songwriting
Meaningful Verse: Isaiah 42:16
Random Thought: “Rod Stewart is the pleather of pop music.”

Vonda Jeanette – Children’s Ministry Director

Vonda is the team leader for our children’s ministry; providing direction to our Sunday morning Kids’ View classes and children’s programs and events.

On Staff Since: 2014
Favorite Food: Crab Legs
Favorite Movie: Fried Green Tomatoes
Hobbies/Interests: hiking, camping, kayaking, sewing
Meaningful Verse : Matthew 6:25-27
Random thought : “Sometimes you’re the windshield sometimes you’re the bug.”

Jessica Harrell – Creative Ministries

Jessica is responsible for overseeing media outlets, planning illustrations, and directing dramas. She has written and directed multiple skits as well as the full length comedy Hint. Jessica also has a pretty big crush on the bass player in the HVC praise band, which could be why she married him.

On Staff Since: 2012
Favorite Food: pizza, preferably Dominos
Favorite Movie: Gone With The Wind
Hobbies/Interests: reading, art, theatre, spending time with family and friends
Meaningful Verse: Joshua 1:9
Random Thought: “Live long and prosper.”