Senior Pastor Job Announcement – Harvest View Church

Senior Pastor Job Announcement – Harvest View Church

Harvest View Church began in 1995 much like the first century Church as a small group
of believers with a heart for their community meeting in a living room. That group soon
outgrew the living room and began to meet in the cafeteria of the local elementary
school. Soon they outgrew the cafeteria moving into the gym and various other areas of
the school. Finally, in January of 2012, we moved into our own building with an
auditorium capable of holding 250 people. It has always, and continues, to be our
mission to be the hands and feet of Christ by serving and gathering as believers to
worship and fellowship together, and by being a center for the community by reaching
out in the community with several outreach events each year such as an Easter egg
hunt, VBS , trunk or treat and a food giveaway at Thanksgiving.

Harvest View is located in the Readyville community of Rutherford and Cannon counties
of Middle Tennessee. This is a rural / suburban area populated by working class people
of diverse backgrounds. We have an average attendance of 120.

HVC Mission Statement:
The purpose of the Church is to glorify God by fulfilling the Great Commandment
(Matthew 22:36-40) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

Senior Pastor Duties/Responsibilities:
● Plan and conduct worship services; prepare, develop and deliver sermons; and
coordinate with worship leader
● Oversee church staff
● Provide vision and leadership to the church and Leadership Team and deacons.
Guide the plans for ministry and church growth along with the Leadership Team
and deacons and help develop and fine-tune the church structure based on a
team philosophy of ministry. The team philosophy of ministry revolved around
the fact that God has given every member of the church a dominant spiritual gift,
thereby equipping and calling members to perform the functions of their particular
gift. The church becomes the most effective and efficient when everyone is
allowed to use his or her dominant gift and serve in his or her proper role to do
the work of the ministry.
● Motivate, equip and nurture the people of the church through example, preaching
and teaching of God’s Word and spiritual counseling. Incorporate the Leadership
Team and deacons and other church members and attenders into as much of the
ministry as possible.
● Spend significant time in prayer and Bible study. Sermon preparation should fill
up a significant portion of time.
● Be as sensitive to the hospitalized and grieving church and community members
as possible. Lead the pastoral care of the church, but do not allow it to be done
alone. Include the Leadership Team and deacons and others with the
appropriate spiritual giftedness in this care. The church should not expect the
Senior Pastor to be the only one who can minister to them.
● Officiate at weddings and funerals when appropriate.
● Provide premarital counseling, counseling regarding salvation and spiritual
issues and other counseling for church members and the community as time
permits. Where appropriate, include others who may be gifted in these areas
into the counseling ministry.
● Seek to promote unity within the church and reconcile conflict as stated in
● Seek and promote evangelistic and other outreach opportunities in the
● Be supportive of the Core Values of: Continual prayer, Dynamic Biblical
Preaching and Teaching, Christ-Like Love, Celebrative Worship, Strong Families,
Participatory Ministry, Spiritual Transformation and Loving Fellowship.

Senior Pastor Attributes:
● Gifted in teaching and sharing the Word of God
● Committed to support of local outreach opportunities
● Focused on church growth
● Committed to ministering to all age groups within the church (children-senior

Senior Pastor Qualifications:
● Minimum 3-5 years full-time senior pastor experience
● Seminary degree preferred
● Commitment to Biblical Christian principles and teachings both professionally
and personally
● Strong leadership and communication skills

Contact Info:
HVC Pastor Search Team
8560 John Bragg Highway, Readyville, TN 37149

**Please include with your resume, any links to podcasts or recorded sermons, as well
as links to all social media.